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Lords Cricket Ground

Lord's Case Study

Delivery Deadline and Site Location Complications Overcome to Meet Lord's Cricket Ground Re-Opening.


The client, a leading UK signage designer, manufacturer, and installer, has worked with many recognisable brands, restaurants, and venues up and down the UK to assist them with signage for new, existing, and renovated sites.

They initially contacted GCL Logistics for assistance with an upcoming project via a recommendation from a previous client.  

The Challenge

The client had been contracted to design, build, and maintain two new LED scoreboards as part of the renovation of Lord’s Cricket ground.

The central challenge around this project was the time constraint.

The cricket ground was undergoing extensive renovations during the

offseason, and the LED screens had been given a very specific installation window, which couldn’t be missed. It was absolutely critical that the delivery occurred on time.

An added complication was the need to co-ordinate the delivery around the many other works deliveries and tradespeople onsite at the same time. Delivery slots were restricted, resulting in us being given an out-of-hours weekend slot.

The unloading requirements at the site delivery point provided the final challenge, so our team needed to arrange a Moffett vehicle to deliver the goods.

At a glance


  • Short installation window forced the client into a tight timeframe for completion.

  • Organising multiple moving cogs to align


  • Outlining clear deadlines to marry up delivery & site restrictions 

  • Pre-lodged the customs entry prior to cargos UK arrival

  • Ensuring everything was ready for cargo delivery

The Solution

Initially, GCL Logistics undertook a thorough appraisal of the project to understand what would be required and what challenges we were likely to face.

Using this appraisal, clear deadlines were established in order to meet the specific delivery date and site restrictions.

While the goods were being prepared, GCL worked closely with our overseas partner office in Shenzhen, China.

In order to avoid delay, through our partner office, we liaised with shipping lines to use their block space agreement to ensure the cargo was uplifted on a specific date to meet the UK delivery deadline.

To ensure a smooth transition, we also pre-lodged the customs entry in the UK before the cargo arrived.

As it turned out, the site was not ready to receive the scoreboards on the original delivery date, so we arranged for the hardware to be stored at our secure off-quay warehouse until needed.

Once the new delivery date had been agreed, the GCL team were on hand, out-of-hours, to ensure it continued its journey on to the cricket ground smoothly, liaising with the delivery site manager at Lord’s directly once the cargo was collected and on its final delivery run.

To make sure everything was in place before the cargo arrived on site, our Business Development Manager was on location at Lord’s, co-ordinating with both the team at the ground and the delivery team.

Using a specialist vehicle called a Moffett truck, which met the access and unloading requirements of the site, the cargo was delivered safely, securely and on time.

The Outcome

The client was extremely pleased with GCL’s service, noting the advanced attention to detail left nothing to chance, and the team’s accessibility out of traditional working hours ensured the delivery went exactly to plan, with no last-minute dramas.  

The cargo was delivered on time and the client is due to have the new scoreboards installed and working in the Allen Stand by the end of April this year, in time for the start of the new cricket season.

They continue to maintain the LED screens and will be installing an additional screen elsewhere in the ground as part of the ongoing redevelopment.

We continue to work with the client and are on hand to support them with any logistical challenges they encounter.

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