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Container deliveries, have you considered using a side-lifter?

During a conversation with a client last week, the topic of loading and unloading containers came up.

This particular business manufactured refrigeration units in the UK, that were then shipped to the US.

Before switching to GCL they had experienced problems lifting their goods into the container when positioned on the back of a trailer.

Following discussions with GCL, we highlighted that a side-lifter would provide them with a solution.

The refrigeration units were top heavy and particularly unstable when being moved about on a forklift.

If you are not already aware of what a side-lifter is, it is a specialist lorry that houses dedicated hydraulic cranes which it uses to lift a container to and from the ground or on to another vehicle. It can even help with stacking containers.

Our client described how their use of side-lifters to place the container on the ground had revolutionised their loading experience.

They realised four benefits derived from using a side-lifter; which all contribute towards making the loading process a much less stressful experience in their business:

  • Versatility:

    • Space was often at premium and the use of a side-lifter meant they could load (and unload) their goods in tight spaces.

  • Speed:

    • With the container on the ground, it is now much quicker for them to load their refrigeration units into it, compared to doing it whilst still on the back of a delivery vehicle.

  • Safety:

    • This was an important consideration for our contact. With their goods being potentially unstable on the back of a forklift, there was always a concern about safety whilst loading. With the container on the ground, they are now able to move their units in and out of it using a much more secure trolley system.

  • Convenience:

    • A big benefit to having the container on the ground, was that it can be loaded (and unloaded) in their own time now. They no longer have to rush whilst the delivery driver waits for the goods to be loaded. This has reduced stress considerably. It is now much simpler to get goods in and out of it.

If you have experienced similar challenges to our contact, have you considered side-lifters? At GCL, we offer a wide range of additional freight forwarding services, like side-lifters, to complement our Air and Sea Freight solutions.

To find out more about our additional services, click here.

If you’d like to talk to a member of our team about your freight forwarding needs, contact us at, or call us today on 0208 844 4030.


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