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GCL Attend ISE 2023

As specialists in the LED sector, the GCL team, always go to great lengths to stay informed of the trends, challenges and new developments that occur in this fast moving and innovative sector. One of the ways we do this is through our attendance at the leading industry events.

The Covid pandemic made this that bit harder with a complete shutdown of all exhibitions across the globe.

As the world slowly opened up in 2022, many of the sector’s exhibitions resumed, but with a greatly diminished audience and none of the Chinese factories in attendance.

Roll forward to ISE 2023, in the beautiful city of Barcelona, and for the first time in a long time, it felt like the normal vibrancy of the industry was back to its best.

Regarded as the world’s leading audiovisual and systems integration exhibition, it was wonderful to see the show so buoyant and busy after the past Covid disruptions.

The exhibition was back to full capacity with the majority of Chinese factories in attendance, creating a really positive and dynamic atmosphere in which to showcase the latest technologies the industry has been working on. As you might expect, the recent soaring energy prices, alongside a global push to promote a more sustainable agenda, meant the energy efficiency of the latest screen technologies was the hot topic on everyone’s lips. That and the remarkably long queues we all experienced on the first 2 days of the exhibition.

The show was a great opportunity to meet up with a range of businesses that operate in the audiovisual and systems integration industry and showcase how we can help them with their specialist logistical requirements.

As a specialist in the LED industry, GCL has a significant portfolio of clients in this sector and has accrued a large amount of industry knowledge and experience as a result.

If you are looking for a specialist logistics partner who really understand the sector, here are just a few of the reasons our clients in the LED sector choose GCL:

  • With nearly all the major manufacturers based in Shenzhen, if you are looking to move your good by sea, we have shipping options in place from Shenzhen, Hong Kong & Guangzhou.

  • If you require a faster turnaround, you can take advantage of our blocked space agreements with the two major airlines flying from Hongkong to London Heathrow – Emirates & Cathay Pacific.

  • We are used to handling the pressure of tight deadlines and have an experienced team of staff and resources on hand to fully manage every project.

  • Our specialist final mile delivery service enables direct deliveries to city centre stores, sports stadiums and other locations with restricted access, 24/7.

If you operate in the audiovisual and systems integration sector and are looking for a specialist logistics partner who really understands the industry, visit GCL Plus or give us a call on 020 8844 4040.


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